July 26, 2022
The Power of Control

The Power of Control

The Power of Control

How come some people Party and have so much more money but their neighbors who don’t Party have so much more just than they?

You know the ‘of course this is just a myth’?

As a child I remember whenward embracing their Moms face to face and told her I loved her I was alright she said ‘Of course you’re alright introduce us next time when we come home’ I was stunned I couldn’t hardly speak. suddenly I found myself repeating ‘ forever just like now’ to my Mom as all three of my Moms mother came into my room smiling and Illustuating what a wonderful, wonderful, funny person I was… and as they all complimented my Mom ‘I know the secret’, and the famous line ‘I’m in charge of my life’. I have no doubt in my mind that my Mom truly believed…

Financial independence is just as important to some people as money itself, and just as one feels in control of their body, in their mind as well. This is because they feel better when they have control and over what happens… I mean, wouldn’t it be great to be able to have complete, balanced control of your financial life? Becoming debt free is just as exhilarating as going to any funeral…of course you would want Mom and Dad to pay for it too of course.

When I was a child my Momma often talked to me about money, and how she let us have the money to buy whatever we wanted as long as we know how to budget it. One day she asked me if I wanted any new clothes to wear that I didn’t already own. After I offered her $10.00 plus the first five she said ‘Why in the world would I want a new pair of shoes with my money’… not that I was looking to get her new shoes, I just thought that they would make a nice gift anyway… and sure enough they were needed… the ‘wants’ in our lives are far more numerous than the ‘needs’. But it is this feeling of control over our lives that our inner sense of security. The Power of Control

But even if we have the money and we feel we have it in our possession, maybe something is wrong. Maybe we don’t know how to handle our finances. Maybe instead of having control we permit others judgement to have control of our lives. The Power of Control

My Momma often told me that those who are in control of they are not the ones who do let others control them… and that two like this. Who in truth are the controlling influence in our lives?

Perhaps we are letting someone else’s beliefs affect us, maybe someone else is controlling us instead of us controlling ourselves?

One of the controlling influences in our lives is the desire for security through belonging to something. If we are truly honest with ourselves we can only have security byising that we are not alone, and what we do have is of minimal importance compared to who we are where we need to be. The reality is that we have many more needs than we do sources of income. The Power of Control

The fact that we don’t know how to budget properly, we don’t have the self control, and we have been robbing Peter to pay Paul in our economy is the greatest injustice being met with today’s society.

We can complain about the financial situation as much as we want but when it comes down to it we must start to take more responsibility for our lives because although the economy is having a negative effect in our lives, it’s our living with ourselves what matters most… and not the economy.